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Academic inflation

Mar 06, 2022 · Mar 6 · 6 min read The Dilution of an Academic Degree and Credential Inflation College has expanded to be more accessible to students of various age cohorts, socioeconomic statuses, and ethnic....

academic inflation occurs when university graduates take up work that was not formerly done by graduates of a certain level, and higher-degree holders continue to migrate to this particular occupation until it eventually becomes a field known as a "graduate profession" and the minimum job requirements have been inflated academically for low-level. Sep 19, 2012 · Simply put, academic inflation is the process by which the value of higher education degrees becomes inflated. It is where the minimum level of education required for employment rises, without there being any actual need for more highly trained employees. Parallel to this process is the astronomical inflation in the cost of education itself..


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Web. In a statistical study, Professor Valen Johnson demonstrated the impact of grade inflation at Duke University. Grade inflation undermines that structure of common meanings and thereby encourages each professor to make idiosyncratic decisions about upward departures—or, much more rarely, downward departures—from traditional interpretation of grades..


Grade inflation can also be traced to structural causes. One of the culprits would be structurally embedded in this new learning paradigm called outcomes-based education where a 4-scale rubric to rate student performance is used.

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